Rush Summer


Gucci Rush Summer (limited edition 2003)

I’ve always been a fan of Gucci perfumes, tried three different ones they had. It’s not something very strong or make you wanna vomit/give you a headache but rather something pleasant and calm- little bit sharpy too (OH GOOD SMELL) I miss this. I love the scent of this. I need this. I can’t believe I was like 15 when I had this. haha.. why did I even need a perfume then?? weird.. but anyway, I tried to get a new bottle now that I’m old enough to use one, but then came to realize that it was a lim edition. I could’ve got it online but I HATE BUYING THINGS ONLINE..ughh.. I’ll just remember this awesome perfume that Gucci ever came with.. in my heart.. By far the best. best of the best. THE BESTEST

I currently use Lola by Marc Jacobs, it’s okay.. it’s just that Lola has been too publicized and I probably smell the same as 50 million other girls. So i tend to overuse it especially on scarves….. I’ll even spray it inside my bag and wallet.. next time, I probably won’t get a perfume anymore and just use Dove soap. hehe


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