Sushi Roll x 8

Friday! I was super tired from going out thursday night, class, then research.. but minji, heejin and jennifer planned on having dinner out like at a park just to chill and stuff. I met them at the Walgreen’s parking lot then we drove to the Japan house because they had really pretty gardening. It was pretty cold though, since I only had shorts and a tshirt, but dinner was really yummmy and really fun just talking and laughing. We took some pix too with Jeniffer’s polaroids, which look hilarious as well… oh gosh, I had so much fun with these girls..I wish I wore something prettier, but i really didnt have time to go home and change! 😦


@Japan House Garden

Then.. Jeniffer and I dropped the otheres since they had to go pick up people, then headed to the mall to check out the VS 7 undies for $25. (i ended up returning mine just because i have enough undies) then we headed to f21 since there’s nothing else to look at at the mall. And after about an hour of searching, I got two floral print tops which i think was both good deals and dont look like they’re from f21! 😀 successssss! These two are actually what Jeniffer picked out for me, and I ended up buying these two!!!!






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