GO BUY NOW Faux Fur but dunno when to wear it + Ballet flats

Sienna Miller on Fuax Fur coat
Hey you..Faux Fur.. I want you… Though I may never have a chance to wear it this winter (or in Champaign) I still want one.. so bad.. I’ve been wanting one since last year, though I haven’t found the right one for me, I’m still on a search of finding the one. The major problem though is that I may have no occasion this winter to wear this chic coat… Unless i do something exciting over the winter season. HAHA. See here to read about the featured article. I actually want a short Faux Fur jacket similar from the Kimchi blue on the upper right side. hmmmm This might be on my search list tomorrow as I’m planning on a day trip to Chicago with couple of friends to SEE-EAT-SHOP awesomesss!

I remember seeing that pic of Sienna Miller a long time ago, and probably not the most recent pic but still she looks rocking on that Fuax Fur coat and black skinny jeanssss.. and Black booties…Die..


I’m planning on buying a new pair of ballet flats. I’m thinking of getting a pair of Matt bernson Waverly flats in Grey Veg which looks really simple and neat..
or the ones from TIEKS (heard they are very solid and compact and great quality!)..

or Sue London(softest leather and most comfortable soles…) maybe..I don’t know I wanna try them on first before doing my purchase. I’ve had my Tory Burch Reva flats for about 3 years and they wore out pretty quick.. It was pretty comfortable but I don’t like wearing it anymore because after 3 years it almost developed holes near the sole and NOW Reva flats are like converse chucks- Everyone wears them everywhere! Maybe ballet flats in general are pretty soft and easy to wear out but I’m willing to spend if it’s worth the cash.. my feet tend to get swollen so easily and fast… WHICH ONE TO BUY… ?!!!?


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