Super thursday.

We gathered up on thursday supposedly dinner/hangout since sanghoon’s leaving for grad school on monday but we met up later than we were supposed to for food/drinks and etc. Anyways, I was able to take my new camera with me, and it takes solid GOOD pictures! I’m really glad that i like my new camera so much (shoutout to Yejoo who recommended the camera) I usually put my setting on Auto and go from there, so I think it’s better I didn’t get those pre-DSLR’s(they cost more!) I like the fact that it takes pictures pretty fast, because my old camera used to take forever to take pictures with flash, and still wouldn’t look good. Err. anyways, I don’t know much about cameras, and I’m just happy that I like what I got, plus it’s cute and slim too!


Tucker for Target shirt, Jagthug jeans from SM(lol), Zara shorty boots, Mulberry for target crossover, Carbon bracelet


My awesome camera takes really good pictures!!! with Heejin and Minjee

Daily recap:

So, we  originally planned on going to Radio Maria, but later found out that there was a private party going on, so we just went to Guido’s(my second time) in DT. Oh man, I ate alot that night. I was full even the next morning when I got up, which is…. bad…. There was probably 8 of us or so, and we just talked,laughed the typical stuff we do all the time(that I love so much). Some people had to leave early though but our 2nd round continuedd at Jeniffers with cheese,wine and crackers (then finished it off with baked sweet potatoes!).

-skipped details


Sanghoon got the bill. puhaha


I really wonder what my college life would’ve been without these girls. I’m so sad one will be gone by next semester and the other in two. Its gotta be just heejin and me and it will be so sad without them being around. Wow. it just hit me. Us in 5 years. hmmmm




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