Roommie LoVe <3

Dinner date with my lovely roommies! We planned on doing a roommies dinner night around six but I was done with class way early. I got home around 4 and started getting ready. I even did my hair today, and since i started getting ready so early, I didn’t know by the time we were out it was so cold already. Anyways, as usual, spending time with my roommies is a blast, we just talk about the most random things in the world and it would still be so much fun and just… good. I usually love it when we just randomly start a conversation in the hallway, all three of us just sitting on the floor, talking for hours just like that. It was another fun night with my roommates eating yummy food, dessert, and just talking and laughing. Good times. Ugh, It’s kind of annoying that We didn’t get good pictures from the restaurant because all the waiters sucked at taking pictures!! We used the timer while eating cupcakes because we were the only ones there- less embarrassing. I’m so glad our dinner night turned out so well, another bonding moment for the apartment girls! Seriously… we talk about the most random things in the world…. I love these girls so much… 


(Zara shirt, Topshop black shorts, Trf long vest, Mulberry for Target crossbody, Carbon bracelets, pearl bracelets, gifted from a friend)




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