Girls night out was fun


Sun, Soo and I 


Last thursday, it was pretty last minute but we decided to hit the bar. Clean and fun night, I love how fun it is to be around Sun and Soo. We literally start laughing by the time we leave the apartment till we go home. 

I don’t know what we went through this semester but one thing for sure is that alot of things happened to us and it’s an ever-ongoing thing. I’m glad through whatever times, we were standing strong for one another and this semester has gone by fast. I can’t imagine not being happy when around these two, how we admittedly realized that we aren’t at our truest self when around other people. (not in a bad way, but we tend to be more lively when together) We have recently all confessed to one another that we are at our happiest state of mind, just by being around, laughing and talking. It has this strong power that makes us feel safe and relaxed. We literally laugh our hearts and tears out. As years pass by, we build up a stronger bond and friendship I have never experienced in my life. I’m starting to realize how powerful it is to have friends by your side, people that trust you, know you and understand you. My semester has been a good one overall, maybe one of the best even though lots of things have happened. Good memories always overpower the bad ones. Semester’s almost coming to an end, and I need a good finish. Anyways.. as I’m talking about girlfriends.. i miss my dearest best friend Minnie Kim. I can’t wait to spend some spectacular time with her in two weeks! heehee


J crew shirt, J.Mendel blazer, Mulberry for target Crossbody, f21 jeggings


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