Hello again! + BRB

Pictures last forever. Thanks to my friend who takes awesome pictures. His camera..it’s like owning the Chanel 2.55 yet it’s more productive and useful if you were a camera person but I’d still go with the 2.55. I finally got my pictures from Yejoo. I wish I had some of my favs edited (which he told me he would) but I impatiently uploaded them already so I doubt he would edit the originals anymore. Ugh. Whatever. And I’m also cutting out my friend from 2 pictures so I can give more details about my outfit. Well, that’s not really important either because I basically wore the same stuff for two days while in Chicago for weather being brutally cold. 


Before leaving for break, I finally took out few of my coats from the closet. Hello there, it’s been awhile. Let me introduce the coat I wore the most over the last 4 years of surviving winter in Illinois. I’ve had this for about 4 years now, but honestly, I never get sick of the design and I’m not looking to buying another black coat until holes develop on this and it’s worn out paper thin. Where did i get this? Nowhere special, Zara. haha When I was leaving for school way back in 2007, I didn’t have a single fall/winter cloth because all I wore for the past 9 years or so growing up in the Philippines were summer clothes.  But here I am, I still wear this coat all time. I gained weight over the year so it may have a tight fit compared to 2007 but whattheheck, I still love my coat. 


Zara coat and ankle boots, 7 jeans, Mango muffler, Jcrew turtleneck


Zara coat, Mango muffler, Mulberry for Target crossbody

Journey continues..


Ugh if you look at the pictures, definitely looks like I was on a day trip.. I should’ve been more creative about what I wore and stuff but seriously, it was so cold then I just had to wear everything I had in layers. I look bloated as well.. but the pictures are too pretty and have to be shared. I can’t believe it’s already hitting second week of december which means a) 8 more days till home! b) 3 finals starting this fri…. and that also means… c) this will be the last post till I’m done with exams. 




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