Happy Christmas eve ;)

Christmas eve


Tucker for target dress, Urban outfitters sandals, Speedy bag


I’m so happy that I’m home for the holidays. I’m spending such a great time with my family, catching up with friends, and enjoying the heck of my stay in Manila. I wonder how my break might have turned out if I stayed in Champaign, I’m sure it would’ve been another memorable break as well. But for now, I love being at home. I love the fact that I’m basically free 24/7, plans are made ahead, plans are made at last minute, plans can change and plans are called off – no problem, what the heck, I’m just living my life. Last night, I went to tagaytay with high school friends and it was awesome. It was super chill and windy there, definitely something else from Manila, where I got to enjoy having that out-of-town feeling. Having cool beer outside cold weather was the cherry on top, adding excitement to our trip. It was just pure relaxing moment that I haven’t had for a long time, and something that I’d miss so much when back in school. 

Tonight’s chirstmas eve. My family headed to church for some events in the afternoon and went to Zuni for dinner. Again, dinner was amazing. Good food, good people and with this holiday vibe combined all together goes in perfect harmony. I have to admit, I missed my family. Living away from the family adds lots of excitement to my college life but sometimes I wish I lived with them at home. (Ha, but oh well, my college life is great 😉 ) I feel the warmth of love when being with my family that keeps me on track. OH BTW the weather in Manila now is PERFECTO! 😀


Mom and sis studying the wine menu. My sister is too young. Too young for wine yet. Mom and I both got white wines that went very well with the dish 



Dinner was amazing, I love salmon, the only occasion where I can proudly say ‘rare’ for my fish (not for steaks though. ugh.) 



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