Officially 2011


Happy new year! 

My new year’s resolution evolves being healthy. I didn’t wanna list out everything here but they are all somewhat related to health and staying healthy. – One of them being drinking more tea than coffee!

There are couple of things I want to accomplish this year, and I have my fingers crossed. 


note 1)before heading out for dinner. I actually brought my heels inside the room so I can take pictures. My mom would have freaked out if she found out I was walking around my room with heels on….oooops 

note 2)  I actually look really slim and tall in these pix… these pix can fool you.. my sister took these photos and she worked her skills here.. thank you


Few posts ago, I blogged about my latest purchase of Smashbox Primer. I have finally started using the product and it is love. It really helps control that extra unnecessary oil, foundation or powder doesn’t cake, and stays put for hours. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I’m definitely loving it. It’s really light too so it is good for summer time use (which I have been since I’m in Manila right now). I’m glad that my makeup stayed longer than usual without smudging or looking gross (heads up ;p) plus I feel like my foundation absorbed to my face well for a more natural look. 


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