Will I survive through research this sem? ;p



I was on my school website to check out some course information and came across a picture of a familiar face on the lower right side.. my research professor! They were featuring an article about his research. How interesting! Anyway, I’m sticking around another semester at research instead of shifting to another one. I honestly think research was harder than a class. I started from scratch knowing ‘zero’ about anything related to the research topic. I have my guilt on being such a responsible student at research…. hee hee. A semester has gone by and I’d say I’m starting to grasp some ideas on this whole idea on research (maybe at the very last day) .. and I hear it takes TIME!!! So I didn’t want all those hours I’ve devoted in last semester to be a waste. I could’ve chosen to move to another professor’s lab but I wanted to make the best out of this great opportunity that I’m given with such intelligent and talented people on this subject area. I’m so thankful that my professor’s let me stay to learn for another semester.  I’m looking forward to more opportunities and learning next semester at IGB. weeee!

Check out the link above to read the article on his research!



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