what am i up to lately


(Ha, don’t be intimidated by this large picture…)

I don’t know what the weather is like here, but last weekend was one of the warmest days so far. Considering going to places by car, it was actually warm enough to just wear a blazer without wearing coats on top! eeek. honestly I hate wearing coats, or layering things because they make me look big! Ugh I hate layering clothes because I pretty much already have a big built(for a girl) and I feel like layering makes me look bigger. I prefer wearing single shirt, a top or a blouse so much more than layering.. or wearing more than 2 things at once. 

Woo by the way, one of my best friends birthday is coming up soon so we are planning on a weekend chicago trip in two weeks which I (we) am really excited for. And that means more updates for my blog! My girlfriends and I have been talking about what to wear, where to eat for weeks and we get so excited just by talking about the event. We felt the NEED to celebrate Soo’s 23rd birthday, since none of us at this moment is taken and oh well to embrace our friendship and togetherness while we still can. (We also plan a Valentine’s dinner with couple of girlfriends with no boyfriends 😦 – Sad but fun! I’m pretty sure Valentines dinner with single girls will turn out a lot better than you think) 


(J crew top, J. Mendel blazer, Mango jeans, Black leather boots from HK, Zara tote)


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