Request Items.



Recently checked out two books from the library. I was excited to go get these once I got emails that my requested items were ready for pick up. I requested couple more books but decided to stick with these two for now. I’m looking forward to reading the little bee, which I’ve heard great reviews and feedbacks. I’m saving the better for later though so started reading the Lowboy few days ago. Library makes me save up so much money without having to buy these books. However, I’d definitely recommend you to buy Anthony Bourndain’s books because they are worth every penny. I’d even want to have his copies in hardcover! I’m missing one book and I want my Kitchen Confidential back on my shelves! (My copy of Kitchen Confidential, which I miss dearly, borrowed by a friend last year, will probably never be at my hands again- bittersweet sad story)


Annnnyyyyways, Another reason to look forward to staying on campus during summer: a) Books I want to read are usually reserved/checked out fast and I always have to request them to be checked out at ugl. But I’m pretty sure that I will have easier access to the ones that I want to read since there won’t be as many people around. (yay……….?)   


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