Why feel so different


ACT NOW!  with open arms.


Thinking back last year, things were pretty different from now. It was probably colder, I was way busier with school work, I was cramming on my final project at reseach with a lie that I would be working for him again for spring (ha!). I was going through so many things then that I…. don’t want to recall. Oh I still remember that moment when my molar got completely crashed by eating haribo gummy bears. I was actually thinking of staying in Champaign last winter but thanks to no-no cooperation from my molar, I ended up going home with whole 3-week of dentist appoinments. Time in hell… But hey, i came back with a root canal. Good stuff that cost $$$. 


1)…525600minutes have passed and here I am again. Ever the same. Put on couple (actually multiple) pounds again, still not graduating yet and anxiously waiting to go home. Hoooowow I’m actually remembering stuff I did over winter break…. ………….

2) I’m sending out two postcards to special ones out there. Pretty sure both of them aren’t reading my blog (or at least not word-by-word) so I should be safe for writing down these here. 

3) Kyng if ever you are reading this, I lived with the music you gave me for a whole year. I’m so grateful, I recently updated my ipod with overflowing new music that I haven’t listened to yet but I still go back to the stuff you gave me. ….. which means that I might ask for more. Grazie yo.




Look at that face 😛



He is the man. I want to see him live. Maybe next year when I don’t have any exams… very jjajeung.. na


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