Dora the Explorer


Finally finished working on my lap report. It’s been a while since I actually sat down and spent some legit hours working on my report (like 3 months) and i’m just glad this is done. I have 7 more major ones to go.. Anyways, I was in a rush this morning and didn’t realize till after coming home that I actually used my sister’s tinted moisturizer… which is like 5 shades lighter than what I usually use. Why do I have hers? I acidentally brought hers since we all have the same think stuff at home.



SO I tutored two kids today and I was totally overblown by how innocent and cute they were. I’m going to watch some Dora the Explorer(See screenshot #1) and Magic school bus(bus that comes out of the nose – explained by the older brother) to be friends with them. The older brother was trying to tell me something that he really liked- in fact he said it is a vegetable and red: I kept guessing pepper but he said no, hot sauce? no.. then the answer turns out to be ?????????: he thought I knew no Korean so had a hard time trying to explain it to me. (also, he said that his 4-year-old sister likes salt and eats pinches of salt with her finger when their mom is not watching- totally reminded me of someone I know :D)



It is spring yet? -NO WAY -I really miss my old balcony where I should to sit out and just chill thinking about this and that, reading books, or whatever that I used to do there. Oh i want my summer again. Life is so much better when it’s warmer outside. 


G-wok. Seriously the best restaurant in Champaign. I ordered dinner at 5 and am still full from my food. This is the it-place where alums go eat for sure when they come back to visit Champaign. I feel so stupid for eating too much but I can’t help. HERE’s screenshot #2.  


*btw what do you think of my new theme layout?


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