Still in the bubble.


I got my hair trimmed today. I think it was about an inch or 1 1/2 in cut. You can’t really see the difference though, and that’s how I usually get my haircut. You don’t know the difference. It’s okay but I think I’m going to go back in about two weeks to get my hair shorter. 

I called in sick and am not tutoring the kids today. I didn’t want to get them sick from me even if I feel fine,I still get long heavy thick coughs and they my catch my coughs. No.. that can’t happen. As soon as I break my colds, I want to get neon99!

I think I’m going to start cooking at home more often, I’ll try. We used to cook a lot last year but I this year not so much. I made pasta like 3 times and rice even less. And that last time I made pizza I couldn’t even remember the right temperature to bake and almost burnt them all (and put too much cheese). 

Weather’s sort of nice today since it’s warm. Is it just me but my writing sounds gloomy today. Or maybe just the weather. 


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