Taurus Daily horoscope says

:Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Today you should focus on improving your physical health — from eating better to getting more exercise, you need to start making some lifestyle changes. They don’t have to be huge adjustments, but they do have to be significant enough to require some effort. The buddy system might be a good way to go with this project. Exercising with someone else will be fun, and it will be a great way to keep a relationship healthy as well.

Anyways,to keep my bright saturday afternoon going let me do some updates. I’m like the only one at the Oregon computer lab right now. There are about 100 free desktops (both PC and Mac) so if you are looking for free space to work on anything, you should definitely drop by. It’s literally 15 steps away from my apartment and seriously empty!


I was in Chicago thursdays and really wanted to get those colored denim. I tried both red and green and actually liked them. I was in line ready for check out but something stopped me for a sec. “wait… there’s no way I can wear these in Champaign.. I’ll probably have everyone that I run into giving me comments about my colored denim aka red pants.” so I put them back and walk away. I texted my sister that I wanted to get those red and green pants since they are so “IN” right now. She told me she already got Neon green skinnies. How nice. By the time I can wear them at home or anywhere else but here in Champaign, they will be “OUT” of style. Ha!. So jjajeung.;[

I just finished a 5 page essay and my shoulder and back hurt so much. Should go back now.

Signing out from this empty Oregon computer lab,




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