I dropped by target last night and browsed through the Neiman Marcus collaboration section to see if there was anything worth splurging for. Sadly, nothing in particular stood out despite featuring such high name designers like Marc Jacobs, DVF, Jason Wu, Proenza, Rag & Bone and many more. (Money saved) Then I headed to my next destination – card section. I wanted to pick up some Christmas cards for friends and family before being long gone for the next 3 weeks. It might have been too early to buy Christmas cards because I didn’t see that many selection to choose from. I ended up switching ideas to just buying plain notecards, envelopes and metallic markers and decided to do some DIY’s with it. (Or more like.. how to write Merry Christmas in a nicer way.. ) – Shoutout to my few of my regular subcribers, message me your address so I can send out some greeting cards! šŸ˜‰

with only 20 days left till Christmas


Oh wait.. I’m thinking of going back and getting the Band of Outsiders Best Friends Hat set…


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