DISCLAIMER: leave my blog right now if you’re going to laugh at me/text me and make fun of me. Otherwise, please enjoy my selflessness. 


Haha, this is usually how i show up at work. Very messy and unorganized.


Hair: Sorf of better       Shoes: Check 


Coat: Check


Bag: Check- Bareface and wet hair. Excuse me. (Meh, I wish I had a picture with makeup on and hair done. Unfortunately, I really went to work like that. Oooooops)

I have mentioned this couple times before but I’m not a big fan of layering. However stylish people DO love to layer clothes. I always thought my body frame was too built in for layering as I’ve always limited myself to wearing one(top/shirt/tshirt) or two (with the thinnest cardigan/shirt over) for tops- then when cold weather comes to season, i throw a thick jacket/coat on top of those. There’s a good part to this process, I have come to love wearing shirts, or plain tshirts with awesome fabric material (and investing more $$ on those). Okay, but honestly, the biggest reason for not layering is because I look FAT. I don’t wanna look fat. The less, the better. I thought.

But lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to layer clothes without looking like a fat grandma. I still do not consider sweater as an option because wearing a sweater alone already makes me look like an ajumma. I’ll skip sweaters. But there are those that I like that I can finally put together like: plain white tshirt + lacey rage top + oversize denim shirt + coat = that already is 4 layers. And that is a lot of effort right there as to just wearing the denim shirt + coat (what I normally would wear)


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