outfit posts? meh

Back in the days.. when I had my canon sd1200, I used to take pictures of my outfit and post it here.. Okay, way back in the days. I was still in school then. It had to come to a stop at some point as my typical outfit to class started getting dominated by college hoodies. Anyways, fast forward to 2012(or 2013), I started working. I admit that I was being ridicously lazy about showing up to work looking nice, or rather normal. My mom and sister would freak out because they know when I get lazy. I wanted to add some fun for dressing up to work, and as ‘look more put together at work’ being one of my new years resolutions, I needed proof. Since I don’t have my Sony(gave it to my sister) and a memory card for my Olympus (that’s on its way here soon), I’ve been taking pictures at the mirror (or selfie- as people would hashtag themselves). Some mirrors lie. Although I realized even the slanted magic mirrors made my legs look pretty full and strong.(pretty solid) There’s no magic there anymore. I need to get moving and be healthier (one of my other resolutions just like everybody else)

Okay.. and even after a few days, I still haven’t mastered the best angle/pose/face expressioon for these selfies..


H&M stripe shirt, Blazer I got from gomo, Tahari pants, Jimmy Choo loafers


Marni dress, vintage leather jacket, prada flats


Zara dress, vintage leather vest, Nike vintage blazer (LOVE THEM)


Tahari skirt, Club Monaco jacket, shirt from Nordstrom rack, Rag & Bone boots


Zara sweater, splendid tshirt, leggings with no name, Allsaints walker boots


Zara scarf, Chrome working bag, Zara coat from 2007!


Kanye hoodie that I got online, Tahari pants, my dirty pair of Vans from…..2005??!!


shirt from Nordstrom rack, Joe’s black pants, walker boots from HK


Acne shirt, Mango sweater, Jbrand Jeans (that are so tight and make my stomach hurt), Rag & Bone boots


same as above, Zara coat


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