Goyard on Board


Yes, I did it!

After years of contemplating whether to get this Goyard tote or not, my Visa finally did the work. It all goes back to 2008 when the Hilton sisters started wearing every color out with their initials painted.. I passed several chances to buy this tote over others since it felt under the ‘more affordable’ range and thought I could always come back for it. (And obviously look chic even after years after years) Even till this point in 2013, I had a strong heart for the tote(PM) and finally decided to make the purchase while I was in San Francisco just a few days ago. See, Goyard plays the hard-to-get since there are only a few stores in the States (Ca &Ny) and now that I don’t have to beg the parents for a new bag (since I make da $$ ehem), I officially bought the first Designer bag with my own money. (Although I’ll be broke for weeks just like that) I’m thinking of having my initials painted after a year or so and add some extra fun to it! (yes? no?)

I’m having it shipped to my office next week because shipping was cheaper than paying tax in San Francisco hehe. Can’t wait.


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