Coffee dilemma

These days I can’t function without coffee. The gray weather definitely contributes to my unproductive-ness. I’ve been considering getting a coffee maker for a while and wanted to take advantage of this upcoming Black Friday. Anyways long story short, I asked one of my friends about buying a coffee maker and I have copy pasted the response below. It sounds creative and fun but at the same time puts alot of pressure and commitment to making myself a cup of coffee. Automatic coffee maker can be purchased ~$30 vs hand dripped coffee (~$200 for equipment)

This simple email reads: 


Hey Hamee,

Here’s what I currently use,
Hario Dripper
Drip Kettle
Paper Filter
Range Server (Not needed, you can use anything to catch the drips)
Scale (Needed to use correct ratios)
Grinder (This was the one I used at first. You can get others but make sure it’s burr and not blade)
Grinder (This is what I use now)
Instructions (You can follow this)

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