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Bouquet Toss at the wedding

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I got married in December. Everyone was worried about cold weather, possibly even a snow storm, especially because we had friends and families flying in from the west coast and Asia. Thankfully, it was warm enough (40-50s) that we could do couple things outside without so much shivering, like the bouquet toss  – notice how everyone is in their bare legs. Majority of my girlfriends were single, making the bouquet toss more fun (and competitive), which I didn’t realize until I got the photos. These pictures are so hilarious.

Also my bouquet was so beautiful- small, simple and chic, just how I wanted it to be. I got ideas from my old friend J who does flower arrangement for weddings and other events and she told me the smaller the bouquet, the better (and more CHIC).  So that’s how I went with it. I loved it so much! Honestly I wish I had better pictures holding my bouquet from the wedding. (Most of them I look awkward because I’ve never held a bouquet in my hand.. pretty much like ever)

My bouquet: Petite nosegay of white peonies and ivory/blush O’Hara garden roses finished w soft white satin ribbon for handle (description taken from the florist)

Fun fact: You notice that my friend Alice has her “bring it on” pose and took my bouquet home. Not only that, she got proposed that night and just got married over the weekend. Yay I set a great tradition! 🙂

Farewell to dear Will

Will, the man behind our wedding program and a talented designer, is leaving for his new job in New York. We had him over for dinner last weekend and before he left, he gave W a quick guitar lesson and I, a quiccccccccccck photoshop lesson. So in return, I presented this.william

Engagement 2014

All of our engagement photos were taken in Logan Square, a neighborhood that I lived for the first two year when I moved to Chicago. It’s also the area where W and I hung out the most- from first date to engagement.. We share many many fun memories there!

Pictures are taken by a talented couple – John & Maura Stoffer. Initially I wanted them to take our wedding pictures but unfortunately they weren’t available for our wedding weekend.

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